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A lot has been happening in Sioux Falls, from new buildings to new residents and all the challenges that go along with a fast-growing and changing city.

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Who's behind this?

Hi, Megan Raposa here. I'm an award-winning journalist and a lifelong South Dakotan. I know Sioux Falls because I've lived, worked, played and started a family here. I know news because I've worked for more nearly a decade as a journalist and freelance reporter, most recently as an editor for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

This is my family:

And yeah, that's one of the better pictures of the four of us together...

What are people saying?

“Megan embodies the very best of journalism. Her work reflects a commitment to accuracy, fairness and powerful storytelling. Our industry is stronger because she is part of it!" -Jodi Schwan, Founder, Align Content Studio and SiouxFalls.Business
"Megan’s passion for keeping news simple & accessible shines through in this project. Asking good questions and taking action to give you the results you are looking for-sounds like a journalist I want to hear from!" -Dakotah Jordan, Founder, Dakotah Yoga
“When I’m looking for someone to give me the most reliable and accurate news, I look to Megan Raposa. Her ability to ask honest and thought-provoking questions makes for some amazing story-telling!” -Kayla Huizing, Manager, Young Professionals Network

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