This is a paid piece from Barre3 Sioux Falls.

Simplified: Mindi Stroschein has been moving her body with Barre3 since the franchise opened in Sioux Falls more than seven years ago. Here's how the fitness classes have benefitted her and what keeps her coming back.

Why it matters

  • Stroschein is a 46-year-old Sioux Falls kindergarten teacher and runner. She first came to Barre3 as a way to build strength after a bone scan showed that she was on track to have osteoporosis by age 50.
  • Within six months, she was out of the "red zone" for osteoporosis risk, and the additional muscle and strength training supported her running, too.
  • Stroschein said part of what keeps her coming back to the Barre3 studio year after year is the welcoming community and instructors who are well-educated on how each move targets a specific muscle group.
"It's so much more than a workout," Stroschein said. "There's a purpose for every movement."

Tell me more about Barre3

The mission of Barre3 is to teach people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. The goal is to give people ways to move that honor where their body is at any given moment.

Another reason Stroschein said she loves Barre3 Sioux Falls is the variety of class options, including the signature class, strength and cardio-focused classes.

  • She tries to fit in four to five classes per week, with an emphasis of trying to do at least one class of each type.
"You get a full-body workout and can target a lot in just 45 minutes," she added.

Stroschein said she's not only feeling stronger and no longer at high risk of osteoporosis, but she's also become a better runner by being a part of the Barre3 community. She credits her instructors for helping her along the way.

"It all starts with your instructors," she said. "They represent Barre3 in such a welcoming way. From the moment you open that door, you're welcomed with a smile."

How can I try Barre3?

You can try your first class free or take advantage of a $10 discounted class on Mondays. Sign up online and find schedule details here.