This is a paid piece from Dakota Adventure Supply.

Simplified: Paxton Alsgaard and Jeff Hayward became fast friends through outdoor adventures working at a Boy Scout camp. Now, their company Dakota Adventure Supply is crafting heirloom-quality gear made in South Dakota with a focus bringing people together.

Why it matters

  • Alsgaard and Hayward – both Eagle Scouts – have strong connections to nature and the friendships they've made along the way with outdoor adventures. That camradery is at the heart of Dakota Adventure Supply.
  • There's also a focus on sustainability and ensuring products are made in the USA. All products are manufactured in South Dakota in partnership with Aerostar and WeStitchStuff, and the company recently became green certified by local nonprofit Building Sustainable Connections.
  • In addition to quality products, Dakota Adventure Supply's business hinges on the importance of community and connection. One way the encourage this is through their Comradery Bag – an early prototype of their Adventure Tote that customers can borrow, take on an adventure and leave their mark with a patch.
"We’re at an age where we’re reflecting back on our experiences in life and the things that stand out are the experiences that we have with other people," Hayward said.

Tell me more about the products

Dakota Adventure Supply's flagship product is the Adventure Tote 44 – a durable, versatile and functional gear hauler with vintage camp and Midwest-inspired style.

Cool features include:

  • a three-set strap system designed to carry any type of load,
  • heavy-duty canvas,
  • capacity to hold 44 liters (thus the "44" in the name),
  • made in South Dakota.
"If you look at the big brands like North Face, Patagonia, any major brand – a lot of it is not made in the United States," Alsgaard said.

Dakota Adventure supply also has an accessory pouch made from scrap material generated in the making of the adventure tote.

Are there other products in the works?

You betcha. Dakota Adventure Supply has three big things coming soon.

  1. First is a waxed canvas version of the adventure tote, meant to add a bit more durability and water proofing.
  2. Meanwhile, the company is developing its next large-scale soft good – a waxed canvas camp blanket that will roll up and can also be used as a carrier for toting things like firewood, camping gear or whatever you're bringing to the picnic.
  3. Dakota Adventure Supply is also working with a journeyman bladesmith in Beresford on an extremely limited run of a custom, hand-forged hunting knife based on old-school camping knives.

Additionally, if you head over to Pheasant Fest March 1-3, you'll get to see a prototype of a smaller tote with a shoulder strap as well as a limited edition blaze orange adventure tote. Plus, see prototypes of the new products listed above.

How can I learn more?

You can see more photos and purchase products on Dakota Adventure Supply's website.

And, if you want to stay in-the-know on new product releases, sign up for their email newsletter and follow them on Instagram.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story failed to include the paid disclosure at the top. This is a paid piece from Dakota Adventure Supply.