Simplified: School board members Wednesday are expected to discuss potential shifts in boundaries to ease crowding in a couple schools. Here's a preview of what their discussion will entail.

Why it matters

  • District boundaries determine which neighborhoods funnel into which schools. That means anytime changes happen, it means some families will be looking at sending their kids to schools they perhaps didn't plan on, or switching kids from one school to another.
  • The main priorities – per board reports posted ahead of Wednesday's meeting – are to address rapid growth on both the east and west side of town to ensure no school gets too crowded.
  • The district is also preparing for potential additional boundary changes in the 2025-26 school year as a new elementary school is in the works.

What are the proposed changes?

On the east side, changes would move Rosa Parks Elementary students to Harvey Dunn, Susan B. Anthony and Anne Sullivan Elementary Schools.

On the west side, the southeast corner of the current Renberg Elementary School boundary would move to Hawthorne Elementary.

The district is also looking at moving some elementary programs around to better space out students within the district.

What happens next?

The school board will discuss these potential changes during a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Any decisions would need to then be voted on in a later school board meeting.