Simplified: The Sioux Falls City Council on Tuesday got a look at the latest master plan for McKennan Park, which is set to get a new wading pool in the next year. Here's a look at what else may be on the horizon.

Why it matters

  • On Tuesday, councilors got a look at new master plans for McKennan Park, including a new zero-depth entry wading pool with more shade features. They also got to see updated future plans, including a refrigerated ice rink, a fire feature and more walking paths connecting the park to the neighborhood. Councilors also got an updated look at the plans for Family Park.
  • The updated design also includes plans for a new pool house/warming house, as well as plans to create an unrefrigerated ice rink until the money is in place for a refrigerated ice rink – which could cost as much as $6 million, Parks Director Don Kearney said.
  • McKennan Park's master plan was last updated in 2020. Parks staff worked closely with the neighborhood to develop the master plan, Park Development Specialist Mike Patten told councilors.
"A key point that came out of McKennan was that the history of the park is very important to the neighborhood, and so preserving and reflecting that history was very important," Patten said.

Tell me more about the master plan

The council added the wading pool reconstruction to the city budget (rather than waiting for a quality of life bond that'll be used to fund other pool replacements).

  • So, essentially, the $4.3 million price tag for the new wading pool, new bathroom facility, and additional shade and seating is accounted for.

The city is also looking at the potential for private donors to contribute to make the ice rink portion of the master plan possible.

What happens next?

The plan is to go to bid for the reconstruction of the pool this summer in the hopes that construction will be completed by the summer of 2025, said David Locke with Stockwell Engineers.