Simplified: Sioux Falls City Council candidates spent anywhere from $11 to more than $2,000 since the last campaign finance reports were filed in early January. But the total money raised by the eight candidates vying for four open seats has surpassed $60,000.

Why it matters

  • Campaign finance reports let us know both where candidates are getting money from and how they're spending it. It's a way to add transparency to the election process by requiring candidates to track where money is coming and going.
  • The reports filed earlier this week show a few candidates who are primarily funding their own campaigns – like Neil Jeske, Allison Renville and David Zokaites, and a couple outliers who've raised more than $10,000 – like Richard Thomason and the unopposed southwest district candidate Ryan Spellerberg.
  • Spending money doesn't guarantee a candidate a seat on the council, obviously. That's why we vote. But those with more funds are in a position to get their name and messaging in front of more voters ahead of the April 9 election.

Ok, so show me the receipts

You've got it. Here's a little look district by district.

Northwest District

Jennifer Sigette is running unopposed, and her name won't be listed on the ballot. That said, she did spend about $300 on some printing and a voter registration file. All told, she's got about $7,400 left in the bank.

Northeast District

Candidate Miranda Basye's largest expense was about $2,100 on printing since the last campaign finance report. She's got about $5,600 still in her campaign account.

Neil Jeske spent nearly $1,300 on travel and $500 on advertising – both services he listed as being donated by himself on his forms. He's got $100 left in the bank.

David Zokaites is also largely self-funding his campaign. He spent $2,100 in the last couple months, mostly on advertising but also on a website and printing costs. He's got an empty coffer at the moment.

Southwest District

Ryan Spellerberg is also running unopposed. He spent $11 since January, and still has about $14,000 in the bank.


Jordan Deffenbaugh – whose political committee is named "A Lot of People Supporting Jordan Deffenbaugh" – spent over $1,000 since the last filing, mostly on signs. He's got another $1,400 in the bank.

Richard Thomason has by far the longest list of donors of anyone on the City Council ballot, as well as some rollover funds from his campaign for the state legislature. In total, he's raised more than $32,000, and since January he spent nearly $4,000 on advertising and about $800 on events.

Allison Renville is also self financing her campaign. She's spent about $650 since January, mostly on event expenses and gas. She's got $10 left in the bank.

What happens next?

Watch for in-depth coverage of the candidates' position on a variety of issues important to Sioux Falls. It'll all be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

The deadline to register to vote in the City Council election is March 25. You can figure out more on how to register here.

The next campaign finance disclosure forms will be due April 4, and the election takes place April 9.