This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: The City of Brandon is teaming up with South Dakota State University to offer local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs a "Small Business Basics" class.

Why it matters

  • Brandon has lots of people living in town, but the city could use more commercial businesses, City Development Director Patrick Andrews said.
  • Small Business Basics is also a way for the city to show its support to both existing and aspiring business owners, he added.
  • This program – facilitated by SDSU – is targeting a mix of existing business owners, early-stage startups and people who have an idea but haven't started a business yet.
"I imagine there are tons of people out there who have an idea in their heads," Andrews said. "They just don't know where to start."

Tell me more about the program

SDSU has done a couple versions of this program West River, but this is the first time it's being offered in Brandon.

The program consists of six classes, weekly from mid-January through February.

  • In each session, participants will learn a different aspect of starting a business – from marketing to human resources to taxes to deciding on a legal structure for the business.

By the end of the class, all participants will have crafted a business plan.

  • There will even be prizes available for the best plans of the bunch.

Who's behind this?

SDSU is facilitating, and included as one of the sponsors.

Other sponsors include:

  • Sioux Metro Growth Alliance,
  • Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce,
  • Sioux Valley Energy,
  • Brandon Development Foundation,
  • and the Bush Foundation.
"Startups and local businesses are essential to maintaining both a strong economy and a strong sense of community in Brandon and the greater Sioux Metro," said Jesse Fonkert, president and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. "Kudos to Patrick Andrews and the Brandon Development Foundation for leading the effort to help entrepreneurs in Brandon."

How can I learn more?

Registration is open now, and you can sign up here.

Priority will be given to Brandon residents on a first come, first serve basis, Andrews said, and the class is limited to 25 participants.