Simplified: A new organization is working to not only help people support businesses who are allies to the LGBTQ+ community, but also to provide resources for those businesses to show that support year-round – not just during Pride Month. Meet Dorothy's List.

Why it matters

  • Founder Adam Jorgensen first started thinking about Dorothy's List in 2016 when South Dakota was making national headlines for a so-called "bathroom bill" that would've barred transgender students from using bathroom and locker room facilities that match their gender identity.
    • That bill was ultimately vetoed by then-Gov. Dennis Daugaard. But what really stood out to Jorgensen at the time was the number of people from the business and tourism community who spoke out against the bill.
  • Meanwhile, Jorgensen also noted it can be difficult for LGBTQ+ people in the state to identify local businesses that are 'open and affirming' – and it can be equally challenging for businesses to communicate those ideals.
"The point is for businesses to be open, vocal and a genuine ally," Jorgensen said. "Businesses don't know when to show up or what to do, and then they just show up during Pride Month."

How does Dorothy's List work?

For people looking to connect with businesses, Dorothy's List has – as one might imagine – a list.

  • Since its launch last fall, there are more than 100 businesses from across the state that are listed, though many are concentrated in Sioux Falls at this point.

Local businesses on the list include:

  • Restaurants like Bread & Circus, Parker's Bistro, and M.B. Haskett's,
  • Shops and boutiques like InFlower, Game Chest, Total Drag and Sweetgrass Soapery,
  • Professional services like Lloyd Companies and At Ease Cleaning,
  • and a variety of health care providers.

Side note: Dorothy's List will also soon include a list of media outlets that offer reliable, thoughtful news on LGBTQ+ issues, and Sioux Falls Simplified will be on that list.

For businesses, Dorothy's List offers resources to help them show up as an ally.

  • It can be as simple as hanging a pride flag or as involved as driving to Pierre to testify before the legislature.

How do I get on the list?

Businesses can fill out this form to be considered for the list.

If you want to support Dorothy's List, you can learn more here or follow them on Instagram to stay in-the-know.