This is a paid piece from Midco.

Simplified: From free internet to tuition reimbursement to a robust paid-time-off program, Midco's employee benefits aim to offer a range of services to people at all stages of life.

Why it matters

  • It's no secret that finding and retaining workers is tough right now, and many industries are facing labor shortages.
  • But good benefits can go a long way in both attracting new team members and ensuring those already on the team stick around.
  • Midco takes a holistic approach to benefits, said Sharon Koenig, Director of Total Rewards. That means making sure team members have the security and assurance that their employer has their back both in and outside of the work day.
"We're really trying to provide resources for our team to really better their lives," Benefits Manager Patti Oestreich said. "We want them to have access to things that can help them overcome any obstacle."

Tell me more about the benefits Midco offers

It all starts, really, with how new team members are taught about the benefits available to them.

  • Oestreich knows how to meet people where they are and help them become engaged and excited.
"We strive to offer – and I think we do offer – a broad range of benefits across every stage of life," she said.

Here are some of the most popular benefits of working for Midco:

  • Free and discounted services – probably the most popular nontraditional benefit, Oestreich said.
  • Tuition reimbursement for anyone seeking a degree that's business-related
  • Access to a wellbeing platform with resources related to mental, financial, physical and emotional wellness
  • Fitness reimbursement at certain gyms
  • HSA (health savings account) contributions from the company
  • Robust paid-time-off programs
  • Pet insurance
  • Parental leave, including eight weeks of short-term disability regardless of the method of delivery for new moms, as well as four weeks paid for both birth and adoptive parents
  • Remote work options

What else is noteworthy about Midco's HR approach?

Midco's human resources team is also committed to listening and responding to feedback related to the benefits package.

Koenig and Oestreich use analytics and data to assess what benefits team members are accessing. They also use feedback from employee engagement surveys to figure out which benefits folks are taking advantage of and which benefits they could use more education about.

"It’s really about trying to provide them with a suite of resources to help make their life overall better," Oestreich said.