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Simplified: Panther Premier Print Solutions' commitment to sharing your brand on anything, anywhere hit new heights last month when the company added a new, custom engraving machine. Here's how you can customize everything from coffee mugs to journals to blue jeans to awards.

Why it matters

  • Panther Premier Print Solutions is a family-owned company that has been open in Sioux Falls for 40 years. The addition of laser engraving is the latest evolution of the business's commitment to being a one-stop shop for branding needs.
  • Engraving Specialist Cody Witte brings eight years of experience, and he's engraved everything from a recipe on a cutting board to a leather jacket to the stock of a gun. He's also got expertise at using color to fill an engraved image.
  • The new engraving option also gives Panther a way to help not only businesses, but also anybody who is looking for some custom gear. Need some custom glasses for your wedding? Custom bibles for your church group? Custom travel mugs for a family reunion? Panther can help with all of those.
"This new service helps us better meet the needs of our customers," Vice President of Operations Aaron Wimmer said. "It also gives people another option for custom gifts for any occasion."

How does engraving work?

If you have a PDF of the design you want, Panther can put it on pretty much anything.

  • They've done custom, branded water bottles, coffee mugs, padfolios, coasters, cutting boards – basically, if it can fit in the engraving machine, you can engrave it.

Here's a behind-the-scenes video showing how the process works:


How can I get stuff engraved?

Reach out to Panther Premier Print Solutions at