Simplified: Megan here. It's National Small Business week, which is a perfect time to give you an update on Sioux Falls Simplified – and let you know how you can help make this locally owned, smarter, easier news outlet sustainable.

Why it matters

  • Sioux Fallsians are pretty darn good at supporting local businesses. That's why you go into a local coffee shop and the barista is wearing a t-shirt from a local brewery, and then the bartender at the brewery is repping a local record store and on and on and on.
  • I've gotten to see that support firsthand in my first year+ as a local news publisher.
  • Since launching in February 2021, Sioux Falls Simplified has grown to reach more than 2,500 newsletter subscribers, with more than 200 people offering either one-time or monthly financial contributions.
I cannot thank you enough for the support you've shown me. I'm so grateful, and I'm also so fulfilled knowing the work I love to do is helpful to other people. -me, quoting myself. (This is why I do straight news and not opinion stuff, guys. It feels weird.)

I also have big goals to grow this year. Here's where you come in ...  

How you can help me this week

Start with one of three things:

  1. Share this story with a friend and encourage them to subscribe (it's free).
  2. Share this story/website with a local business that's looking for ad opportunities that help share their story with the community.
  3. Sign up for a paid membership and buy in to a smarter Sioux Falls.

What else is new?

Livin' the dream – thanks for asking! My kid turns 2-years-old this month, so whenever I'm not working on this, I'm bemoaning the passage of time and also probably covered in something sticky. Life is weird and great.

It's cool that you support local news. Keep being cool.