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Simplified: A new virtual program from Think 3D makes leadership development accessible, effective and sustainable. Here's what you need to know about Think 3D University.

Why it matters

  • Think 3D builds intentional culture for people and teams and ultimately improve people's lives by improving how they work. They've been doing the work of building leaders for years, but Think 3D University is a way to bring that training and development to even more people, CEO and Co-Founder Tamien Dysart said.
  • In building T3DU, Think 3D is working to solve the challenge of building a new generation of leadership.
    • Director of Operations and Strategy Daniel Card described it like riding a bike. Training is important for developing the skills, like knowing how to operate the bike. Development is like growth, so you are tall enough to reach the pedals. Both are critically important.
  • T3DU brings both the practical skill-building and the professional development in its 16-module course. It's helping people get better at things like coaching, communicating effectively, strategic thinking and decision-making, and leading a team to reach their potential.
"We want people to understand that leadership and company culture starts with them," Director of Client Services Brett Feterl said. "Your everyday decisions create your culture, and we can help people understand how to make those decisions that reflect their values and intention."

How does Think 3D University work?

It's a 16-week, cohort-based program – meaning you work through the program with other people at the same time, a proven model for learning, Feterl said.

  • The 16 parts of the program are a mix of e-learning sessions and virtual classroom sessions.

More than one-third of the sessions are focused on effective communication and coaching.

"A lot of conflicts or challenges with company culture come back to poor communication," Chief Culture Officer and Co-Founder Vaney Hariri said. "People mean well, but they say the wrong things – or, they just lack the skills to know how to communicate effectively. We help them be more intentional about that."

Think 3D University goes beyond basic learning, too. It's structured to also encourage participants to reflect on what they're learning, seek out support and find accountability in their cohort.

How can I learn more?

If you have any culture, leadership or HR challenges in your business, Think 3D can help you.

  • You can learn more about their full range of services here.

Want to learn more about Think 3D University? You can find more information on how to bring T3DU to your workplace (or join as an individual) here.