Simplified: The Sioux Falls SculptureWalk is giving artists another chance to showcase their work that wasn't able to be installed last year due to the pandemic.

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The SculptureWalk didn't get its usual new swath of sculptures in 2020 because the pandemic made it harder (and in some cases, impossible) for artists to get their work to town.

While 14 sculptures were new in 2020, the remaining 48 selected for last year will get a chance to be displayed in the 2021 SculptureWalk.

"I always say this, but I think it's going to be our best year ever," said Jim Clark, director of the SculptureWalk.

Why it matters

  • Last year was a tough one for artists and for SculptureWalk.
  • Usually, the nonprofit averages eight to 10 sculpture sales each year, Clark said. In 2020, they didn't sell any.
  • Some of the sculptures found other temporary homes last year when the full SculptureWalk was postponed.

That's what Lee Leuning and his partner Sherri Treeby ended up doing with one of their two sculptures selected for the 2020 walk. Leuning said he wished the one piece could've debuted in Sioux Falls, and the other?

"It's like you had a new baby in the family, and you don't get to tell the relatives for a year," Leuning said.

What happens next?

The current sculptures – most of which are from 2019 – will be taken down May 1. Then the 48 new sculptures will be installed May 15.

In late July, the nonprofit will turn its attention to finding new sculptures for the 2022 SculptureWalk.