Simplified: The city parks department has spent more than a year gathering feedback on what the public wants to see for pool replacements at Frank Olson and Kuehn Park. Here’s a look at where they’ve landed so far.

Why it matters 

  • The pools at both Frank Olson on the east side and Kuehn Park on the west side are at the end of their useful life and need to be replaced, Parks Director Don Kearney said
  • Early on in the process, community feedback showed a significant want for more indoor recreation space across town. That’s why the pitch at Frank Olson is for a new indoor pool and recreation center.
  • Meanwhile, Kuehn Park neighbors emphasized a desire to preserve green space in the park, Kearney said, which is why the current plan is to build a new outdoor pool with zero-depth entry, a lazy river and water slides. 
  • Kearney said it’s important for the city to ensure the neighborhood voices and those of all residents are heard before the city prepares to issue bonds — essentially take on debt — to make these projects happen. 
“The reality is, these are once-in-a-generation facilities, and we want to make sure we get them right out of the gate," Kearney said.

Show me the renderings 

You know I’ve got the receipts on this. 

Here's a look at the initial concept and design for Kuehn Park:

And here's a look at the initial concept and design for the indoor facility at Frank Olson:

What happens next?

The city is still seeking feedback before finalizing the plans. You can share your input here and stay up-to-date on any upcoming public meetings.

There’s also a goal to get an aquatics bond passed before half of the City Council is expected to turnover in the April election, Councilor Marshall Selberg said Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, construction is expected to start on the new McKennan Park wading pool this fall. Here's a look at the final design there: