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Simplified: Silverstar celebrated National Nurses Week earlier this month by giving away more than 1,000 free car washes to area nurses. That's about five times the amount given away in last year's event, and it comes just days after an event offering free washes to more than 900 area teachers.

Why it matters:

  • All told, that's more than $34,000 worth of car washes, Regional Manager Andrea Vetos said.
  • The last year was a tough one on nurses, to say the least, and Vetos said Silverstar was excited to be able to give back in this way.
  • This isn't the first year they've given away free washes to nurses, but it's definitely the biggest response.
"I think we did a few hundred in previous years, so when I pulled up the total this past weekend, I was definitely blown away by the response," Vetos said.

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Silverstar also reached its goal of helping more teachers get free washes than past years.

These give-back events aren't just good for the community, Vetos said, they're also exciting for Silverstar employees, who get to hear directly from the people they're serving.

"Everyone who was working those days seemed to have an example of someone they talked to," Vetos said.

How to connect with Silverstar

You can stop by any of their locations in Sioux Falls for a single wash or try an unlimited monthly pass.