This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: The Sioux Metro Growth Alliance's 2023 Growth Summit will focus on filling the housing gap in our community. Here's what you need to know.

Why it matters

  • We all know the region needs more housing – especially as the number of people and businesses only continues to grow. But, the reality is that growth comes at a cost. With more people comes the need for more planning, infrastructure, utilities and more.
  • The Growth Summit – Filling the Housing Gap is designed to look at these costs, dig deep into the challenges of regional housing needs, explore practical solutions and even leave you with ways to take action moving forward.
  • In past years, the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance has hosted a multi-day "Grow Smarter" conference. This year, the organization is repackaging the event into a tighter schedule focused solely on one topic: housing.
"We want the focus to be very specific so that no matter what size community you're coming from, what size budget you have or what level of readiness you're at, you leave the summit with a way to take action," SMGA President and CEO Jesse Fonkert said.

Tell me more about the event

The Growth Summit will take place the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, Sept. 20 and all day Thursday, Sept. 21 at the Holiday Inn Express in Brandon.

  • Mention SMGA and receive a discounted rate on your room for the event.

Wednesday's schedule will include a workshop called "Neighborhoods First" with keynote speaker Daniel Herriges of Strong Towns.

Thursday's schedule will feature a number of speakers throughout the morning, a panel discussion after lunch, and a keynote address from Herriges titled "Breaking out of the Housing Trap."

  • The event wraps up with a social at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

How can I get tickets?

You can find tickets at the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance website.

  • There's an early bird discount until June 30. Tickets for both days are $105, or grab a ticket for Wednesday only for $50 or Thursday only for $75.

Starting July 1, regular pricing will be $150 for both days, $75 for Wednesday only and $120 for Thursday only.

Sioux Metro Growth Alliance's public members receive a special discount. Reach out to SMGA staff for details.

What if I want to sponsor the event?

There are plenty of opportunities to do so.

The best way to get started is by filling out this form.