Simplified: It's officially construction season. Here's a look at big projects the city is tackling this year.

Why it matters

  • The city's public works department has a number of big projects on the docket this year, and it'll also be working on maintenance projects like filling pot holes.
  • As the city grows, road expansion projects are needed to meet the needs of drivers looking to get around town, City Engineer Andy Berg said in a press release.
  • Sioux Falls' roadways exceed the national average "Pavement Condition Index," with a score of 70 out of 100 as of the most recent data in 2020.
“We understand having orange cones along your commute can mean a few extra minutes,” Berg said. “Residents should consider alternate routes, when possible, and please slow down when driving through construction zones."

Here are some of the big projects happening

Unity Bridge on Sixth Street downtown

  • What to know: Both pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be unable to pass Sixth Street during construction. Vehicles detour to Eighth Street, and pedestrians detour through Falls Park and along the river greenway.
  • When it's done: Sometime in 2024.

85th Street and Cliff Avenue

  • What to know: The city is reconstructing and widening Cliff Avenue from 85th to 90th Street. Both Cliff Avenue and 85th Street will be closed during construction.
  • When it's done: The goal is mid-August ahead of school starting.

Here's a look at projects continuing from last year

A "diverging diamond" intersection at 41st Street and Interstate 29.

  • What to know: You'll always have at least one lane of traffic open on 41st Street, though side streets will at times be closed. The interstate on- and off-ramps will also close from time to time.
  • When it'll be done: Construction is set to resume Monday and be completed in the spring of 2024.

Arrowhead Parkway and Six Mile Road.

  • What to know: Both roads will be expanded to four-lane roadways, and at least one lane in both directions will be open throughout construction.
  • When it'll be done: It's expected to be completed this fall.

Benson Road and Interstate 229 interchange

  • What to know: This is one of two big projects in partnership with the state department of transportation. Benson Road will be closed east of the interstate during construction this year, but will reopen in 2024. One lane of traffic will be maintained on I-229, but on- and off-ramps will close periodically.
  • When it's done: Spring 2025

Veterans Parkway from Minnesota Avenue to Western Avenue

  • What to know: This is another partnership with the state DOT, and it'll ultimately be a six-lane roadway with a raised median. Cliff Avenue will be impacted in 2023, but one lane of traffic will be open in each direction.
  • When it's done: Fall 2024

Here are some streets getting resurfaced

All of these roadways will see concrete repairs and asphalt overlay completed this year:

  • Sixth Street from Interstate 229 to Sycamore Avenue,
  • Cliff Avenue from 11th Street to 26th Street,
  • 26th Street from Cleveland Avenue to Alpine Avenue,

What happens next?

Watch for orange cones. Construction projects will start back up Monday.