This is a paid piece from Barre3 Sioux Falls.

Simplified: Two new class offerings at Barre3 Sioux Falls aim to help you feel stronger and more balanced with workouts focused specifically on strength and cardio. Here's what you need to know.

Why it matters

  • Barre3 has always been about strength and balance in the context of its Signature classes, and now members will have a chance to get even more intentional about moving their bodies with new Strength and Cardio classes.
  • The new class offerings intend to help Barre3 members increase cardiovascular health, as well as improving muscle and bone strength, said co-owner Amanda Roder.
  • Both the Strength and Cardio classes are formatted to include multiple rounds of the same movements. The goal with Cardio is to get your heart rate up, and the goal with Strength is to move slowly and intentionally with heavy weights.
"It's helping to increase stamina," Roder said. "Taking a cardio class or a strength class is going to help in all the other classes as well."

Tell me more about the new classes

Both classes are structured in rounds, and within each round you'll do a couple movements multiple times.

  • Much like the Signature class, the Strength and Cardio classes will start with a warm up and end with core work, mindfulness and breath work.

The Cardio class will also include a final push of cardio after the repeated rounds and core work.

The Strength class will use heavier weights than the Signature class, which typically ranges from one to eight pounds. These classes will use up to 12- or 15-pound weights.

"It'll be really slow, intentional muscle building with movements that help get deep into the muscle fibers," Roder said.

Both classes also have the goal of focusing on functional movements.

"As we get older, our muscles and our bone density go down, so this is working to reverse that process," Roder said.

How can I sign up for class?

Community classes are available for both Strength and Cardio for $10, and both new class offerings are included for Barre3 members.

You can find class times and sign up here.