Simplified: Minnehaha County's Human Services department recently added four computer kiosks to give folks an easy way to connect with services, apply for apartments, and more.

Why it matters

  • The kiosks came as a result of a recent redesign of the human service department's front desk, Director Kari Benz told Sioux Falls Simplified.
  • The four kiosks are, in part, a response to an online application process the county developed during the pandemic to make it easier to connect people with assistance.
  • In addition to county assistance, the kiosks can be used to fill out applications for jobs, apartment, Medicaid, and more. County staff are also on hand to offer help as needed as people navigate those services.
"We really have tried to streamline what we do so we can expedite getting people connected to (services)," Benz said.

Tell me more

The kiosks will provide a computer, but also a quiet, private place for people to connect with county and state assistance programs.

  • Benz noted that, certainly, computers are accessible in other places, like the library, but the new kiosks have the benefit of county staff nearby to answer any questions people may have on applications, as well as a higher degree of privacy.

What happens next?

The county is looking to get the word out about the new kiosks, and Benz encouraged any agencies or organizations with people who would benefit from their use to reach out to the human services department.