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Simplified: Kristi Wire founded Wire Design Company with a goal to use her skills as a designer to help businesses be more strategic with their branding. As she recognizes five years in business this month, Wire shared some of her big wins – and big goals to come.

Why it matters

  • Before starting Wire Design Company, Wire worked for 10 years as a senior design lead at multiple marketing agencies. She started her own company because she values serving customers directly by finding efficiencies in their business and design. Today, she's working with clients on a global scale.
  • Wire's expertise in strategic design have helped her clients both save and make money. One client saved 66% on shipping costs after Wire redesigned their packaging, and another client saw $2 million in new sales after Wire helped them design a digital catalog.
  • At its five-year benchmark, Wire Design Company is reflecting on those wins and looking ahead to even more. The business has a new website, a new email newsletter, and Wire will lead an in-person branding workshop on April 11.
"It's not an easy journey being an entrepreneur," Wire said. "I'm really grateful that we get to do what we love to do and make a difference for businesses."

Tell me more about Wire Design Company

Wire Design Company helps businesses develop clear and concise brands by focusing on the "why" behind the brand.

Wire also developed a unique logo portal, which allows clients to easily access and share their brand assets in whatever format they need, whenever they need it.

  • For example, if you needed your logo printed on a large sign, you'd simply go to your logo portal, select "printing" as the logo use, and you'd be directed to download the ideal file format for printing (compared to, say, "Social Media" for an Instagram post).

Wire Design Company also offers:

  • strategic website building and design,
  • impactful packaging,
  • website audits (with ADA compliance in mind),
  • brand guidance across all marketing mediums,
  • and using artificial intelligence ethically to increase efficiency.

A big focus is thoughtfulness in how the design makes a brand look, think and act.

"It's a lot about consistency," Wire said.

What are some wins in the first five years?

Wire Design Company was featured in both the 13th and 14th edition of LogoLounge, a book of the "latest and greatest" in brand design.

Wire's visual design system was also recognized with the Best Sports App on the Internet by Webby Awards.

In five years, Wire Design Company has also achieved global reach, as well as maintaining half of its client base in Sioux Falls.

What happens next?

Wire has a goal to sign 10 new clients this year, and she's hoping to continue to broaden her reach both geographically and across industries.

She also recently launched an updated website and plans to share marketing tips on both her new email newsletter and via social media.