Simplified: The holiday season can feel a bit overwhelming, but our Sioux Falls Simplified Gift Guide is here to make it easy to not only cross everyone off your shopping list but also to make it extra easy to shop locally.

How we got here

Sioux Falls Simplified put out a call a couple weeks ago asking for the community to submit gift ideas by locals for locals, and you guys delivered. We saw four dozen responses to the survey with a wide range of options.

  • You can scroll through the guide to find gifts in every price point, and options range from experience gifts to stuff for kids to self care and more.

Why it matters

Unique local businesses are what makes Sioux Falls cool. By supporting them, we not only ensure they're here to stay, but we also can find cool stuff we wouldn't find anywhere else.

Show me the guide

Here it is! Select your desired price point and scroll through the options listed.

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