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A Little Help update: We've now raised close to $800 for Journey of Hope! I know we can hit our goal of $5,000 by the end of the month.

This weekend, you'll find the next installment of our A Little Help give-back series supporting Journey of Hope โ€“ and, can I just say, it's a good one. The more I learn about this nonprofit, the more I love their philosophy of doing simple acts that truly make a big difference. I hope you seriously consider how much good can be done with even a $5 donation. In this issue you'll also find a bunch of Super Simplified Stories to catch you up on the latest city and school news.

And now, news:


This new partnership will help connect more kids to hygiene products

Editor's note: This story is part of Sioux Falls Simplified's "A Little Help" give-back effort. We're sharing stories all month long about Journey of Hope with the goal of raising $5,000 to support the ongoing operations of this local nonprofit. You can learn more here and donate here.

Simplified: A new partnership between nonprofit Journey of Hope and the Sioux Falls School District will connect hundreds of kids from low-income families with free and accessible hygiene products. Here's what you need to know.

Why it matters

  • The partnership will provide hygiene kits to all fifth grade students at Sioux Falls' nine Title 1 schools. The kits will be handed out by school nurses during lessons for students about puberty and the importance of hygiene to their overall health.
  • Schools are already helping kids in several ways to maintain basic hygiene, from providing showers to helping kids do laundry, said Molly Satter, senior coordinator of health services. Journey of Hope's partnership is a way to take that support and give kids something tangible they can take home to help them feel confident, supported and hopeful.
  • Journey of Hope Founder Kari Palmer recognizes the importance of cleanliness not only to overall health, but also to confidence. Palmer said many of us take for granted that we have access to things like shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. But there are many kids who don't have those resources readily available.
"Prior to starting (with the school district), I didn't realize the needs that some kids had when it comes to basic necessities," Satter said. "Once you are in schools and you see that, it can feel really helpless โ€“ unless you have a great organization like Journey of Hope ... to turn to to say, hey, we need help with this."

Tell me more about the kits

And learn more about why these are so important for kids.


Super Simplified Stories

  • Chat with a councilor. The monthly coffee with a councilor event takes place Saturday. From 9 to 10 a.m. you can chat with Councilor Rich Merkouris at the WP Cafe at the Washington Pavilion.
  • Bye, mosquitos. The city this week detailed its efforts to combat mosquitos in the summer months โ€“ including traps, testing and spraying. Pigeon605 has the full breakdown here.
  • Bike trail closures coming. About six miles of the city's recreation trail will close temporarily this summer so workers can apply a coat of sealant. The 4-mile section between Beadle Park on 11th Street to Tuthill Park on Cliff Avenue will be closed for about 10 days starting June 20. Then starting July 1, a 2.5-mile section through Sherman Park from 12th Street to 41st Street will be closed for about the same amount of time.

More Simplified Stories

  • Spanish Immersion program growing. The Sioux Falls School District this week discussed expanding the Spanish Immersion program at the middle school level as kids in both one-way and two-way immersion programs get older. Middle school options for Spanish Immersion will now be at Edison, George McGovern and Ben Reifel Middle Schools.
  • Enter the library's teen art contest. The deadline to participate in the 7th Annual Teen Art Contest with Siouxland Libraries is coming up later this month. Kids in sixth through 12th grade can enter one piece of art per person in any medium. Available prizes include a $200 gift card to Rehfelds, and art will be on display at the downtown library for the month of July. Learn more here.
  • Augie professor selected for Bush Fellowship. David O'Hara, an Augustana University professor and environmentalist was selected for a fellowship with the Bush Foundation. Through the project, he'll take a sabbatical to travel and learn more about how folks can work together to help the planet thrive.


What I'm falling for this weekend:


More Simplified Stories

Stuff to do: June 12-18
Hereโ€™s a look at whatโ€™s going on this week.
Council divided on how much to charge to visit new indoor pools
A family pass to the cityโ€™s new indoor pools and recreation centers could cost as much as $88 per month, depending on how much City Council is willing to subsidize the new facilities.
How the city is looking to redevelop the next bit of the rail yard
The city this week announced plans to bring a new, nearly $100 million development to downtown, coinciding with the sale of a segment of the railyard. Hereโ€™s what you need to know.


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