This is a paid piece from Silverstar Car Wash.

Simplified: Silverstar car wash attendants are the first line of defense against a dirty car with their hoses, brushes and sprays. Here's a closer look at what their job entails.

Why it matters

  • Wash attendants hit the dirtiest, toughest-to-clean parts of the car before it goes through the wash.
  • They need to work quickly to ensure they keep the line moving while still hitting all of the bumpers, windshields and wheel wells along the way.
  • Wash attendants are also some of the most familiar faces at each Silverstar location because they're the ones who interact with customers day in and day out.
"Our wash attendants are what sets Silverstar apart as a high-quality car wash," Regional Manager Andrea Vetos said. "They're responsible for making sure customers leave with a clean vehicle."

What do wash attendants do?

Quite a bit of fast-paced work. Here's a look at a day in the life.

Nic Muchow – a lead wash attendant at the 26th Street and Marion Road Silverstar location – typically starts his day running a test car through the bay to make sure everything is working.

Once cars start coming in, Muchow and fellow wash attendants give each car the following treatments:

  • Spraying a bug-remover spray on the front bumper and windshield
  • Spraying down the sides of the car, paying special attention to the wheel wells
  • Brushing the front of the car, the windshield and the back of the car.
"The upside of it, is it's pretty much clean before it even goes through the wash, so the wash just shines it up even more," Muchow said.

Why work for Silverstar?

For Muchow, it's about the atmosphere.

He not only gets to build relationships with the car wash regulars, but he's also in a positive environment with fellow workers.

"They make my day better," Muchow said.

The competitive pay and flexible hours help, too, he added.

How can I become a Silverstar wash attendant?


Silverstar is always looking for great team members to join their staff, Vetos said.

To learn more and apply, click here.