This is a paid piece from The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co.

Simplified: The Breaks' downtown coffee shop is turning one this weekend, and owners Mary Campbell and Corey Gerlach are reflecting on their first year in business.

Why it matters

  • When Campbell and Gerlach first started planning to open their 12th Street cafe, they had no way of knowing their first year in business would take place amid a global pandemic.
  • The couple's goal from the outset has been to create a business that's community-oriented, socially conscious and focused on quality ingredients.
  • Their success in the first year is largely thanks to their loyal customers who keep coming back and supporting the small, local business.
  • Spend five minutes in the coffee shop, and you'll hear baristas greeting customers by name, remembering orders and shooting the breeze with regulars.
"We're just really glad to be here," Campbell said. "And we're glad everyone else is here, too."

What's the backstory?

The Breaks first started roasting and selling coffee beans in 2016, and Campbell said the path to opening a standalone cafe was in some ways inevitable.

She and Gerlach had both spent time in the service and restaurant industry, and they also saw an opportunity to leave their separate jobs and join forces to build The Breaks together.

Especially during the pandemic, it felt good to be able to make decisions based on what was best for their family and business.

"We could call the shots and try to make gathering and being in a community with one another as safe and smart as possible," Campbell said.

How are we celebrating?

The shop will be decked out in its finest birthday attire, Gerlach said, and the Breaks team will be slinging drinks, party vibes, and high-fives all day. They'd love to see you roll through.