Simplified: The inaugural 2022 Simplified Welcome Guide is a free, digital resource from Sioux Falls Simplified.

Tell me more

This is a primer for all things Sioux Falls. Think of it as a CliffsNotes for the city (for those of us who procrastinated reading assignments in school).

It’s not an entertainment guide or a visitors guide – rather, it’s a quick rundown of how Sioux Falls operates, who lives here and where to go for community resources.

Who is this for?

Great question. This is for people who live in Sioux Falls. More specifically, this is for people who are either:

  1. New to the area
  2. Have lived here for a while but haven’t felt engaged in the community.

What’s the philosophy behind this?

My hypothesis is as follows: People who are informed will be more engaged in their community and the forces that shape it, BUT people won’t take the time to become informed or involved unless they feel welcome.

So, consider this your invitation to get involved. It’s never too early or too late.

What can I expect to find in the guide?

This guide will start with some Sioux Falls history, because it’s always good to look where we’ve been before we look where we’re going.

Then, you’ll read about Sioux Falls today, who lives here, who the largest employers are, where the schools are and what folks do for fun.

You’ll also find a list of resources in the community for when you or someone you know needs anything from a new driver's license to a hot meal.

What if there’s a question I don’t see an answer to?

That may happen. If there’s a question that comes up not included here, please let me know. This is my first time putting this guide together, and I want it to be helpful to folks.

If your question is related to an immediate, basic need like food, shelter or health, I suggest reaching out to the 2-1-1 helpline.

If you’re looking for a clearer understanding on a government policy that affects you or something else a local reporter might be able to help with, feel free to reach out to me at

Where can I see the full guide?

It's right here!