This is a paid piece from Barre3 Sioux Falls.

Simplified: Barre3 Sioux Falls is celebrating its seventh birthday this month. Here's a look at how this boutique fitness studio built a local wellness community.

Why it matters

  • The mission of Barre3 is to teach people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. The goal is to give people ways to move that honor where their body is at any given moment.
  • Workouts are constantly evolving, co-owner Amanda Roder said, so even people who have been coming to class for seven years now are still finding new ways to move and strengthen their bodies.
  • The real staying power of Barre3, though, is the strong community. Members come back time and again because they feel supported and valued, Roder said. And even if they've been gone for months or years, walking back into the studio is like "a warm hug."
"Whether you're brand new or you've been coming for years, you feel that love and support when you walk through the door," Roder said.

Tell me more about the workouts

Barre3 workouts are typically 45 minutes and include a mix of cardio, strength training and mindfulness.

Benefits of the workout include:

  • Increased strength
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved balance
  • And a stronger mind-body connection.

Workouts are also designed to suit people of all fitness levels. Each move has modifications available.

"It allows people to create sustainable change from the inside out," Roder said.

Tell me more about the community

From early days of pop-up classes back in 2016 before the studio opened out at 59th Street and Louise Avenue, Barre3 has been bringing people together in the name of wellness.

  • The goal is support and empowerment. These aren't workouts designed to make you feel weak or small. Instead, Barre3 focuses on building connection with your body as a way to grow stronger.
"Every day is going to feel different," Roder said. "So the big mission is just honoring where you’re at in that moment and serving your body with what you need that day."

Woven into the community is also support for local businesses. Barre3 members get special discounts and perks at a variety of businesses in town, from boutiques to spas to wellness coaches.

How can I get involved?

All Barre3 classes will be free the week of July 10 in celebration of the studio's seventh birthday.

If you're new to Barre3, your first class is always free, and there will be additional deals for members who join during birthday week. You can sign up for a class, or purchase class packs or memberships here.