This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: Colton has a new economic development group, and one of its first priorities is bringing more housing to town.

Why it matters

  • Colton's got a new mayor, a new finance officer and the new economic development group all bringing fresh energy and drive to the city's growth strategy.
  • Mayor Trevor Bunde said he's seeing Colton residents who are ready to upgrade to a larger home, as well as new families looking to come into town to benefit from the small-town vibe as well as the closeness to Sioux Falls amenities.
  • Once a planned housing project has progressed further, the economic development group is also looking to revitalize Colton's downtown area, as well as work to get larger businesses to town in an industry park, Bunde said.
"It’s good for the city because if you're not growing you're dying," Finance Officer Seth Sando said. "And Colton needs to be growing because it's a good city, and it's got good people in it."

Tell me more about the planned housing development

The city of Colton has purchased approximately 40 acres of land on the east side of town, with plans to create a new housing development.

  • The details are still being sorted out, Bunde said, but he anticipates as many as 105 lots will be available.
  • The housing project will be completed in two phases to help spread out the costs.

The future plans also include adding a walking and biking path to the new development to ultimately connect it to the town's pool and the existing parts of town.

The city is seeking creative ways to help fund the project, including tax-increment financing and grants from the state.

"We're hoping to get started next year with the development," Bunde said.

What happens next?

The new economic development group will continue to work on ways to make Colton attractive both to residents and businesses.

"We're just trying to be more eager," Bunde said. "We want to get some businesses to Colton, and we're just being a little more aggressive in terms of going after funding and seeing what options are available."

The city is also working with the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance, which is supporting their ongoing economic development efforts.

"Colton's leadership team is committed to promoting growth while preserving the small-town charm of Colton," said Jesse Fonkert, president and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. "The hard work they're doing now is going to set the town up for success for generations to come."