Simplified: Sioux Falls-area lawmakers are prime sponsors of more than 40% of the proposed legislation (including bills, resolutions and commemorations) in Pierre. Most of those 184 proposals are still alive and well. Here's a closer look at what's being considered.

Why it matters

What else is still in play?

A quick note: For the purposes of this article, I'm looking only at bills for which the Sioux Falls-area lawmaker is the prime sponsor.

Here's a look at some of the big topics still on the table:

Stricter punishments in the justice system: Rep. David Kull (R-Brandon) brought legislation to make it a felony to disarm a police officer, as well as create a stricter penalty for people who elude police.

  • Sen. Brent Hoffman (R-Hartford) brought a couple bills related to DUIs – including some harsher penalties for multiple offenders.

Workforce development efforts: A number of lawmakers are also bringing legislation to make it easier for folks in some professions to have their out-of-state license recognized in South Dakota.

Regulating "diet weed": Rep. Brian Mulder has a pair of measures that would prohibit retailers from selling certain cannabinoids – e.x. Delta-8 THC-O – as well as cannabis-infused beverages. (John Hult with South Dakota Searchlight has a great explanation of the state's "diet weed" dilemma here.)

Free documents for unhoused people: Rep. Tyler Tordsen (R-Sioux Falls) has a bill that would provide free birth certificates for people experiencing homelessness, and Rep. Kadyn Wittman (D-Sioux Falls) has a similar measure to waive fees for nondriver ID cards.

Let voters decide: There are also some things that lawmakers would have to ultimately let the voters of South Dakota decide on – including a resolution from Venhuizen to let voters decide whether the state should have work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

What happens next?

Session runs through the first week in March.

If you've got opinions one way or another on any of the topics or pieces of legislation listed above, here's a roundup of all of the local lawmakers' contact information:

How to contact your state lawmakers
South Dakota’s 99th annual legislative session kicks off next week.