This is a paid piece from Selah Space.

Simplified: Selah Space is now offering a co-working space in an effort to give women a safe, comfortable space to focus and get work done.

Why it matters

  • Selah Space Owner Jada Dobesh noticed many of the women she serves are moms, business owners, working from home (or sometimes all three).
  • Dobesh saw a clear need for these women to have a space outside the home to get a change of scenery and not have attention divided by household tasks, kids, etc.
  • She created a new social-working membership to give women the option to come and go as-needed, any time of day, to get work done.
"It's really easy to tell women to take up space and then not give them any," Dobesh said. "This co-working space is an easy way for women to have space, have a community, pump, drink coffee, whatever they need."

Tell me the details

Selah Space has room for 10 full-time social-working members.

  • Memberships are $200 per month, which includes 24/7 access to the building and the cozy co-working space.  
  • Members will also be invited to special coffee social hours and trainings, and they'll be the first to know when Selah Space opens its next round of the Entrepreneurial Wellness Group.

Selah Space also offers the option of a punch card for 10 days of co-working to be used within six months of purchase.

  • People can also drop in for a day for $30.

What happens next?

The co-working memberships are available now. Learn more on the Selah Space website or by scheduling a wellness consult with Dobesh.