Simplified: The Multi-Cultural Center has helped dozens of people find jobs this year through a workforce development program that helps many immigrants and refugees (though it's open to anyone).

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The program has placed 87 people in jobs so far this year, said Kelly Grote, workforce development coordinator for the Multi-Cultural Center.

  • And the number would be higher, she said, if it weren't for the pandemic.

Types of jobs vary, but some examples include work in food service, caregiving, food production and health care.

Why it matters

  • Businesses in Sioux Falls need workers. Unemployment is around 2.2 percent as of July, per city data.
  • The Multi-Cultural Center's workforce development program often works with people new to the area, including immigrants, refugees and anyone who walks through the downtown center's doors.
  • For the folks looking for work, it's a way to get any needed assistance and make connections to employers in the community.
  • For employers, it's also a win, said Bryan Moscatello, who opened Harvester Kitchen by Bryan in May.
"You're able to add diversity to your establishment as well as having a hand in getting people employed," Moscatello said.

How does the program work?

Grote's job is to help people who need jobs find them.

  • She does everything from helping with goal-setting to resume building to applications to helping find translators, if needed.
  • She also helps people dress for the job they want with the center's "career closet."
  • All of these services are free to the people who need them.

And, Grote said, it's not true that "everyone who wants to be working right now has a job."

"Most people are willing to do just about anything," she said, but still she has clients who've been looking for months.