This is a paid piece from Barre3 Sioux Falls.

Simplified: It's easy to get caught up in the stress of the season, and it can be tough to take time and space for yourself. Barre3 Sioux Falls can help you start the year feeling strong, mindful and balanced in body and mind. All you have to do is commit to yourself.

Why it matters

  • Barre3 workout classes combine strength, cardio and mindfulness to help you feel in tune with your body and empowered to take on whatever challenges come your way.
  • This January, Barre3 is emphasizing that a commitment to yourself is a choice, and you should choose yourself. They're making it easy with 50% off the first month of membership for new clients for the entire month.
  • With Barre3, movement isn't focused on losing weight or pushing yourself to the breaking point – it's about intentional movement and strength that feels good in your body.
"You are strong, and our goal is to help you foster that strength while holding space for your physical and mental health," Co-owner Amanda Roder said.

Tell me more about Barre3

Barre3 offers three different types of classes: Barre3 Signature, Barre3 Cardio and Barre3 Strength.

  • The 45-minute classes are intended to complement one another, with each class type supporting the skills and strength you need to participate.
Feel stronger, move intentionally with these new fitness classes
Two new class offerings at Barre3 Sioux Falls aim to help you feel stronger and more balanced with workouts focused specifically on strength and cardio.

How can I commit to myself?

Join the January Commitment to Self event by signing up for a class at Barre3 Sioux Falls in January. You can do that here by coming into the studio at 5035 S Louise Ave (near 57th St. and Louise Ave).