This is a paid post from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: The City of Hartford has a new leader looking to bring more money, businesses and people to the community. Let's meet Amy M. Farr.

Why it matters:

  • Having a local economic development director means Hartford has someone always looking at ways to help the town grow.
  • That might mean working with developers to bring more housing options to town, working to bring business to town or finding ways to grow and support businesses that are already there.
  • In her new role, Farr will also work closely with the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance to look at ways to get the word out about business and development opportunities in Hartford.
"Our goal is to bring people and businesses to the region, and having someone like Amy focused on and specifically advocating for Hartford makes it possible for us to do so much more to grow that area," said Jesse Fonkert, executive director of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance

Who's the new person?

Amy M. Farr. She's new to the economic development role in Hartford, but she's not new in town.

Farr has lived on her husband's grandparents' homestead in the Hartford and Humboldt area for the last two decades.

She also worked for the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce for the last 19 years before leading economic development in Hartford.

"The role of economic development is to work for the community and to understand what they would like their community to be in the future," Farr said.

What are her goals?

Right now, she's only about a month into the job, so she's still learning the ropes, connecting with movers and shakers, and doing lots and lots of listening to the people of Hartford.

"I don't really see this as, 'What is Amy looking for to benefit the community,'" Farr said. "I see it as a partnership with community leaders. ... I really think it's a team approach."

What should we be watching in Hartford?

There are a few specific efforts on the horizon that Farr will help with. Those include:

  • Plans to revitalize Hartford's downtown area
  • New housing developments to attract a growing population
  • Figuring out which businesses are the right fit for the Hartford community and what it would take to bring them to town.

And from a more ongoing standpoint, Farr is also working on the following:

  • Building relationships with surrounding communities so they're ready to work together and take action if an opportunity for partnerships comes their way.
  • Listening to the Hartford community and what types of businesses she can help bring to improve quality of life for residents.