This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: Worthing's new mayor has a history of public service in the town, and she's ready to watch it grow. Meet Crystal Jacobson.

Why it matters

  • Jacobson grew up in Lennox and has lived in Worthing since 2003. She moved there with her husband, who grew up in Tea, because the couple wanted to stay near their hometowns.
  • In the last nearly 20 years, she's worked as the Parks and Recreation coordinator, served on the city commission, and helped with planning and zoning.
  • As mayor, Jacobson wants to update Worthing's infrastructure and attract more businesses to town. And, she's hoping the town's partnership with the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance will help with the latter.

"We have plenty of room to grow, and we want to grow," she said.

Tell me more about Jacobson's goals as mayor

Her two main goals are updating infrastructure and attracting businesses.

When it comes to infrastructure, here's what she's looking at:

  • The city's sewer structure needs updating, she said.
  • So does its drainage, especially in the old part of town.
  • She also wants to see updates to the parks system.

When it comes to businesses, she wants to see businesses the town can support – that includes looking at adding another grocery store, for example, or some other services for residents.

Jacobson also noted that Worthing has room to support more residential growth, too.

"It's a small-town community where everybody knows everybody," she said. "They're a supporting community, too."

What happens next?

Jacobson will work to accomplish the needed infrastructure updates, and she'll also be working with the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance to attract new businesses.