This is a paid piece from Midco.

Simplified: Lance Kaske has worked for Midco for nearly two decades. His expertise as operations training program manager means he's the go-to guy for explaining technology in a "simplified" way. (See why we like him??) He sat down with us to talk about Midco's top tips for the holidays.

Answers have been edited for length and clarity, but all responses are quotes from Kaske.

What's your background with Midco?

I've primarily been in the training world, meaning I help train the people who help people.

Ultimately, I go to meetings to learn what the company is doing, and then I sort out, OK, what do different work groups need to know about this.

  • I parse that out, translate "network engineer speak" to "real-world speak," and I also advocate for the customer.

What are the biggest tech needs this time of year?

A lot of people are going to have guests at their home, and you want to be courteous and ready to share your Wi-Fi password.

  • Knowing your Wi-Fi password ahead of time and making sure you have that is a key thing.

If you have our Midco Wi-Fi service, that comes with an app that allows you to create temporary guest passwords to easily connect friends and family without sharing your personal password.

What else can I do to prepare?

Reboot everything.

Whatever internet equipment you have – whether it's a modem/router or a modem wireless combo or wireless pods – reboot those things.

Unplug them and plug them back in, and do the same for phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs – restart all devices before your guests arrive.

What are some common misconceptions people have about their tech or internet service?

Most people have more devices connected to their Wi-Fi than they realize.

Obviously, they understand their computer and phone are connected, but they don't realize microwaves, refrigerators, crockpots, security cameras, doorbells, vacuum cleaners – all of these appliance-type things are now controlled through the internet.

It's important to know how many devices you really have connected, and if you're not using them, turn them off and disconnect.

What other tech tips do you have?

If you're in the mood for watching holiday shows, you don't have to have a smart TV to easily connect to various streaming apps as well as live TV.

MidcoTV incorporates streaming and internet connectivity. You can talk to your remote control, and you don't have to go to a different source, just hit a button for Netflix.

You can watch shows when you want to watch them.

What's kept you at Midco for 19 years?

No two days are ever really the same. There's always a new product, a new spin on something, new customer input, and there's always a new challenge.

I don't know the last time I've been bored at work. There's always something cool that you can dig into and say, 'We can do this a little better.'

It's also fun to see new technology and to know where we've come from. I like the evolving piece of it.

How can I find other holiday tech hacks?

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