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Think about how you're feeling.

Ok, now think about how you're really feeling.

When's the last time you really took stock of how you're feeling about the various facets of your life?

It's time to think holistically about your wellness.

What does holistic wellness mean?

It means you need to think about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and how those work together.

A great place to start is a wellness consult at Selah Space.

How does a wellness consult work?

Owner Jada Dobesh will walk you through a series of questions about your:

  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • satisfaction at work
  • mental health, and
  • spiritual health.

From there, she makes recommendations for which of Selah Space's services (reiki, massage, spiritual direction, mental health counseling, yoga – just to name a few) might be the best place to start.

Jada also works to find the wellness options that fit not only your needs, but your budget.

Is it scary?

Nope. Selah Space is comfortable, welcoming, and it smells amazing.

The wellness consult feels like a coffee meeting with a new friend, and they even have coffee or tea for you.

Schedule your free wellness consult at