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Simplified: The Selah Cycle Bundle is a series of four essential oil rollers designed to help women both nurture their bodies and attune their emotional connection to each phase of their cycle.

Why it matters

  • Women often aren't taught about all four phases of their menstrual cycle – menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal – or about how to appreciate what each phase brings. Selah Space Owner Jada Dobesh is looking to change that with the Selah Cycle Bundle.
  • The custom essential oil blends are designed to help women connect with and support their body at every stage. The bundle also creates a way to celebrate feminine energy and encourage women to get a deeper appreciation for their bodies.
  • The oils also designed to offer relief from both emotional and physical discomforts along the way, Dobesh said.
"These oils are designed to help with the symptoms that go along with your cycle, yes, but it's more than that," Dobesh said. "The Selah Cycle Bundle is designed to help you tend to yourself while honoring some of the most magical parts of being a woman."

Tell me more about Selah Cycle Bundle

There are four oil rollers, one for each phase of a woman's menstrual cycle.

Menstrual Phase: New Moon. During the 3-7 day bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle, your uterus sheds its lining. This blend includes oils like grapefruit and black pepper to help relieve body discomfort, while wintergreen and others help foster feelings of acceptance.

Follicular Phase: Waxing Crescent. During this 7-10 day phase, the body builds up estrogen in preparation for ovulation. The blend includes pink pepper and wild orange to help promote feelings of alertness and concentration.

Ovulation Phase: Full Moon. This 3-4 day phase involves the body producing an egg and releasing it into the fallopian tube. The oil includes jasmine and neroli to promote fertility, as well as promoting your sexuality and sense of self-worth.

Luteal Phase: Waning Crescent. The 10-14 day luteal phase comes between ovulation and menstruation, in which estrogen, testosterone and progesterone peak and then begin to drop in preparation for menstruation. Rosemary and frankincense promote memory, focus and clarity, while tumeric and cedarwood offer support for menstrual cramps, discouragement and anxious feelings.

What are people saying?

Kim Diamond, a client at Selah Space, started using the oils last month and – while she doesn't typically use many essential oils – they've allowed her to be more mindful of her body's natural cycle.

"One of my favorite thing about the oils is that they reminded me that I can be empowered to take ownership and interest in my body and all that it is able to do for me," Diamond said. "There's something so magical about being a woman and the cycle that our body performs for us each month without us doing anything about it. I don't think that people talk about that enough."

How can I learn more?

The Selah Cycle Bundle will be available for presale starting March 10. Watch for more information on the Selah Space website and follow Selah Space on Instagram.