Simplified: There are three people vying to be Sioux Falls' next mayor and another 10 looking to fill four open City Council seats.

Why it matters

  • Whoever wins will have a say in how the city makes decisions for the next four years.
  • Local election turnout is, historically, low. That means fewer than 30 percent of voters make the choices that affect the entire city.
  • BUT you can change that by learning who's on the ballot, deciding who you want representing you and casting your vote April 12.

So, who's running?

Candidates are listed in the order in which they'll appear on the ballot.

For mayor

  • Incumbent Paul TenHaken
  • Immigration Attorney Taneeza Islam
  • Political Analyst and Activist David Zokaites

For an "at large" seat on the City Council

The council has two "at large" seats that represent the entire city.

Here's who's running for At Large Seat A:

  • Sarah Cole
  • Janet Brekke (incumbent)
  • Bobbi Andera

And for At Large Seat B:

  • Pam Cole
  • Rich Merkouris

To represent the Southeast District on the City Council

  • Cody Ingle
  • David Barranco

To represent the Central District on the City Council

  • Jim Burzynski
  • Emmett Reistroffer
  • Curt Soehl (incumbent)

What happens next?

The deadline to register to vote in the April 12 election is March 28. Here's more info on how/where to register and how to check your voter registration.

Starting March 28, you can also fill out an absentee ballot, which is another option if you're worried you won't find time to vote on April 12.

How can I learn more about the candidates?

So glad you asked.

Sioux Falls Simplified will have a series of stories explaining the candidate's views on a variety of topics important to Sioux Falls. Watch for those stories in the coming weeks, and please share them with others you know who are eligible to vote.