This is a paid piece from Selah Space.

Simplified: Selah Space's new Girl Talk classes aim to help educate women about their cycles and provide tools to help them feel more in control of their bodies.

Why it matters

  • Many women don't have a full understanding of how their bodies work, especially as it pertains to their menstrual cycle and reproductive system, Selah Space Owner Jada Dobesh said.
  • And even those who do understand the mechanics may feel like they can't do anything about things like painful or irregular periods.
  • Girl Talk gives women a space to re-teach themselves about their bodies, Dobesh said, and they'll also learn some tools for cycle-tracking and small ways to feel better along the way.
"It takes almost nothing to improve your period when you just know something about it," Dobesh said.

Who is this class for?

Anyone with a uterus (or who's previously had a uterus), Dobesh said.

The upcoming class is geared toward adult women, though she plans to host a future class where mothers can bring their daughters who have recently started or are about to start cycling.

"Nobody deserves to just hate a week or more out of each month for most of their life," Dobesh said. "And to feel that they don't know or that they don't have any control over what their body or their hormones are doing."

How can I sign up?

The next class will be 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 31 at Selah Space. Sign up here.