This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: Kevin and Emily Berg started their business, First Manufacturing, in a garage in California in the early 2000s. In 2007, they decided to move everything to Humboldt, and now, they're adding a brand new building to accommodate the growth they're seeing.

Why it matters

  • First Manufacturing and the Bergs' other business, Copperhead Agricultural Products, employ a combined 40 people in the region.
  • They credit the growth of both businesses to the business-friendly climate in Humboldt, a community that's given them the space and the support to grow organically over the years.
  • Their new building – located across the street from their existing facility on the west side of Humboldt – will be 22,000 square feet and will house their sales and marketing teams as well as warehouse and distribution space.
"We looked at different options around the Sioux Falls metro area," Kevin Berg said of the plans to add a new building. "And we just decided for this stepping stone that Humboldt would be the best fit for this growth step."

Tell me more about the businesses

First Manufacturing is a CNC machine shop, which, essentially means they use cool tech to make things that help people.

One of First Manufacturing's clients is Copperhead Agricultural Products, also owned by the Bergs, which markets and sells agricultural products like combine and planter attachments.

Both businesses have been steadily growing since coming to Humboldt, and most employees are folks who live in the area.

"The Berg family's businesses are a strong example of how giving room for industry to grow and thrive can pay back dividends for the community and the region as a whole," said Jesse Fonkert, president and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

What happens next?

The new building is under construction now and expected to be completed by May 2023.