This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: A new housing development will open up 105 lots on the north side of 15th Street in Dell Rapids. Here's how it came together and what happens next.

Why it matters

  • Dell Rapids – like much of the Sioux Metro – has seen an influx of new residents in the last few years, including many from out of state.
  • This new development – the Jensen Subdivision – came from years of conversations and negotiations with the land owner, said Cortney DeHerrera, owner and broker at C&R Real Estate.
  • This subdivision is also significant because it'll have fewer restrictions than other lots in the area. Homes built can be as small as 1,100 square feet, which means it's possible for a new construction house to stay in the $300,000 to $400,000 range, DeHerrera said. There's also zoning for four twin-home lots.
"Housing, and especially housing families can afford, is a significant need in the metro," said Jesse Fonkert, President and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. "The Jensen Subdivision in Dell Rapids shows how community members can work together to find solutions to local housing needs."

What made this development possible?

First, a little history: The City of Dell Rapids conducted a housing study back in 2016 that showed the need for more lots and new construction homes in town.

  • Around that time the Timber Ridge subdivision had lots available just south of 15th Street, near the elementary school.
  • The land on the north side of the street was owned by the Jensen family, who at that point had no intention of selling.

Over the next few years, the developer behind Timber Ridge had more and more discussions with Scott Jensen and his family about what it would take to develop their land.

  • A lot of stuff went on behind the scenes, DeHerrera said, but ultimately, they reached a deal.

Now, the land is being developed by the Dell Rapids Lumber Company, and it'll ultimately bring 105 lots to town.

DeHerrera hopes that'll help give more people an opportunity to live in the small town community of Dell Rapids while still being close to Sioux Falls.

"We have so many things to offer in such a small town," DeHerrera said. "But with a lack of lots, this new development was what we needed to provide."

What happens next?

The first phase of development is 39 lots, which are for sale now, but DeHerrera expects most sales will happen in the spring, closer to construction season.

Pricing for lots ranges from $64,900-76,900. There are also two higher priced lots for  $89,900 and $92,900.