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Simplified: This Sioux Falls woman started working with Selah Space Founder Jada Dobesh last February. A year later, her journey shows holistic wellness has real benefits.

Tell me more

Larrisa Corbin started her wellness journey with spiritual direction, a practice focused on helping her live in the present and create space for God to work in her life, as described by Dobesh.

Since then, Corbin has tried cupping, singing bowls and reiki in what's been a year of self-discovery for her.

Why it matters

  • Corbin says prioritizing wellness has helped her get in touch with herself and her own needs.
  • She's seen real benefits, including more honesty with herself, a place of self-discovery, more peace, fewer headaches and a space that feels like home.
"I used to think of self care as, 'Oh, I'm going to have 20 minutes of peace from my kids,' ... Self care is more like self growth. It's getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things," she said.

How do I prioritize wellness for myself?

Start with a free wellness consult at Selah Space.

You can work with Dobesh on finding the right place to start, whether it's reiki, massage, yoga, spiritual direction, cupping or any of the many services Selah Space practitioners offer.

What if I'm nervous?

Your feelings are valid. But if Corbin has any advice to pass along from her year of holistic wellness, it's that you have nothing to lose by trying.

"All you can do is gain from the experience," she said, "and I promise you that it is worth your time."