This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance

Simplified: Valley Springs – much like virtually every other town in the area – is growing. Here's a look at what's new in business, housing and utilities.

Why it matters

  • Valley Springs has about 800 people, which is 100 more than it did at the time of the last census in 2010, Mayor Carl Moss said.
  • On The Rocks –  a convenience store, bar and future restaurant affiliated with a location of the same name in Harrisburg – opened in August.
  • Six new houses are going up, all of which are sold, Moss added. And, there's room for about 74 more new houses in the Homestead Construction development to accommodate future growth.
"I think there's only one or two empty houses in town," Moss said.

Tell me more about the new store

Robert Pralguske and his son brought an On The Rocks location to Valley Springs for his son's wife who was born and raised in the town.

The plan is to add a restaurant, though that side of the business has been delayed.

"We are falling a little behind on construction," Pralguske said. "But everybody sees the changes being made weekly and have been very supportive."

Moss said the location could eventually add a gas station as well – that's what the building was in a former life.

What else is new?

The City of Valley Springs is also in the midst of a $3.8 million water and sewer project.

The project will upgrade the current system and will involve work along most of Cliff Avenue in town, Moss said.