Simplified: The city planning department is taking an interactive approach to its Downtown 2035 plan. Here's how you can give feedback along the way.

Why it matters

  • The downtown 10-year plan is nothing new, but it's never been done like this, said Dustin Powers, community development director for the city.
  • Residents can leave comments and reactions in a live, interactive map, and then they can leave comments and reactions to other people's comments as well.
  • You'll see this type of interactive planning again.The city is using the interactive software as part of a contract with design group Confluence, the same group assisting the city in developing a Falls Park master plan. Confluence will be using the same software to seek feedback on the vision for Falls Park's future, Powers said.  
"It gives us the ability to be flexible and actually adjust this," Powers said.

How can I give feedback?

The city website has a landing page specific to the 2035 plan. You'll find a survey and the interactive map here.

Meanwhile, the city is also contracting with Leland Consulting Group, an outside agency that'll conduct a market analysis of downtown.

What's the cost of all of this?

The consulting group is budgeted for $46,000, and the partnership with Confluence is costing the city another just over $50,000.

What happens next?

The city, along with its advisory committee, will review the feedback from both the interactive online page and in-person groups throughout the summer.

In September, the city will report its findings along with the findings from the consulting group.

Then, a draft plan is expected to be released by the end of the year, with a final plan up for a council vote likely in early 2023.