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This week, I've got a look at two bit projects that broke ground this week, as well as an explanation of how the city is looking at encouraging both more density and more affordable housing projects with updated tax reduction programs. You'll also find a cool new leadership development tool and some Super Simplified Stories to carry you through the weekend.

And now, news:


Simplified: Two big projects – both with ties to education – broke ground this week in Sioux Falls. First was the new Boys & Girls Club addition to George McGovern Middle School, and then Friday is the groundbreaking for the new Dakota State University Applied Research Lab. Here's a look at both projects.

Why it matters

  • Both new buildings bring an extension to existing educational offerings. Boys & Girls Club will give kids another option for after-school care, and the DSU facility will give its students a place to work in the cybersecurity field after graduation.
  • The Boys & Girls Club addition at George McGovern Middle School allows kids to go directly from school to an after-school program without needing transportation – a model school officials have said could potentially be replicated at other schools across the city.
  • The DSU Applied Research Lab will be located off of Westport Avenue in northwest Sioux Falls. It will bring a new industry to the Sioux Falls business community with a facility that could house as many as 400 cyber professionals.
"What we're building is a real hub of high-tech excellence and emerging technologies that will act as a magnet (to bring people to the community)," DSU President JosΓ©-Marie Griffiths said.

Get a closer look at both projects


This virtual course from Think 3D will teach you how to lead

This is a paid piece from Think 3D.

Simplified: A new virtual program from Think 3D makes leadership development accessible, effective and sustainable. Here's what you need to know about Think 3D University.

Why it matters

  • Think 3D builds intentional culture for people and teams and ultimately improve people's lives by improving how they work. They've been doing the work of building leaders for years, but Think 3D University is a way to bring that training and development to even more people, CEO and Co-Founder Tamien Dysart said.
  • In building T3DU, Think 3D is working to solve the challenge of building a new generation of leadership.
    • Director of Operations and Strategy Daniel Card described it like riding a bike. Training is important for developing the skills, like knowing how to operate the bike. Development is like growth, so you are tall enough to reach the pedals. Both are critically important.
  • T3DU brings both the practical skill-building and the professional development in its 16-module course. It's helping people get better at things like coaching, communicating effectively, strategic thinking and decision-making, and leading a team to reach their potential.
"We want people to understand that leadership and company culture starts with them," Director of Client Services Brett Feterl said. "Your everyday decisions create your culture, and we can help people understand how to make those decisions that reflect their values and intention."

How does Think 3D University work?


Super Simplified Stories

  • Get screened. The recommended age for starting breast cancer screening was recently lowered from age 50 to age 40 by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. So if you're 40 and haven't yet scheduled your mammogram, you can get that process started here.
  • Chat with a councilor. The public is invited to chat with outgoing northwest district Councilor Greg Neitzert and the person filling his seat, Jennifer Sigette. The event will be at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Prairie West Library.
  • Tour de Trash. The next installment of the Sioux Falls Sustainability Coalition's "Tour de Trash" is happening next week. Get a tour of the landfill and Mueller Pallets. Registration required – you can do that here.


How tax breaks could help encourage density, affordable housing in Sioux Falls

Simplified: The City of Sioux Falls is updating its tax reduction programs with a targeted focus at encouraging developers to build affordable housing projects, as well as mixed-use buildings to fit more people and businesses in the city's central neighborhoods.

brown 4-layer bricked building
Photo by rivage / Unsplash

Why it matters

  • The city has used tax reduction programs for decades, but recent changes in state law essentially nullified an existing neighborhood tax reduction program. That meant it was time to re-evaluate and figure out a new way to use lower taxes as a way to attract development.
  • On Tuesday, the City Council took its first vote advancing a proposal to create two new tax breaks – one focused on affordable housing projects and another focused on creating density in certain central neighborhoods.
  • The programs essentially allow developers to pay a discounted tax rate for the first seven years after construction is completed. For example, a project valued at $10 million would only pay taxes on $2.5 million of that valuation the first year.
"We wanted to make sure we were rewriting our programs to reflect the current needs and wants of our community," Business Development Coordinator Dustin Powers said.

Tell me more about the proposed tax breaks


What I'm falling for this weekend:


More Simplified Stories

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