This is a paid piece for Silverstar Car Wash.

Simplified: Leads at Silverstar Car Wash help set the tone for their fellow employees, as well as ensuring everything runs smoothly for customers at all stages of the process. Here's a closer look at their job.

Why it matters

  • There are two types of leads: Wash bay leads and cashier leads.
  • A lead functions similarly to a supervisor in that they help oversee employees on a team, show new employees the ropes and communicate goals.
  • They're also making sure people on their teams are feeling motivated and ready to serve customers.
"I tell my employees one little smile can go 100 miles," said Jess Heard, a wash bay lead at the Silverstar location near 26th Street and Sycamore Avenue. "It can change somebody's day."

What does a typical day look like?

It depends on the team.

Heard starts his day as a wash bay lead by making sure wash equipment is working. He then helps wash attendants and keeps an eye on any preventative maintenance needs throughout the day.

Brandi Herrick, a cashier lead at the 26th Street and Marion Road location, spends much of her day helping customers with any issues and telling them about available membership options.

"Basically, what my goal is every day is to make sure everybody's happy when they come through the wash," Herrick said.

Why work for Silverstar?

For Heard, it's about the people.

  • He started with Silverstar in 2017 and quickly moved up to a lead position.
  • He likes the work environment, but he's also developed strong relationships with other Silverstar employees.
"That's just a bonus to have friendships within the company," he said.

Herrick finds satisfaction working for a company where everyone from entry-level workers up to the owners are willing to step in and help when it's needed.

"You also get to teach new employees, and even old employees, new tricks," Herrick said. "You're always learning something new."

How can I become a Silverstar lead?


Silverstar is always looking for great team members to join their staff.

To learn more and apply, click here.