This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: Hartford is not only growing but also planning for future growth. Here's what to keep your eye on as new businesses, homes and planning efforts come to fruition.

"Hartford's strategic planning will ensure new homes, businesses and industry fit together in a seamless way," said Jesse Fonkert, president and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. "Their focus on downtown will also help attract new businesses and create a vibrant community in the city's core."

Why it matters

  • Hartford has put a renewed focus on economic development in recent years, and that's coming to light in the town's master planning processes.
  • Hartford currently has both a citywide master plan and a downtown-specific master plan in the process
  • As part of that growth, Hartford is seeing new homes going up, new businesses coming in and existing businesses moving to new spots.
  • Economic Development Director Amy Farr is at the helm making sure the town is hitting its goals to bring in new businesses and being strategic in the process of planning for the future.
"We want to be able to build on Hartford in a systematic way," Farr said.

What to watch

Here are a few specific businesses and projects to pay attention to in the coming months:

More housing

Hartford has six new housing developments:

  • The Western Meadows addition in the southwest side of town, a Costello Investments project,
  • The Turtle Creek Highlands development south of Highway 38,
  • Knapp's Landing just west of the Central Valley GreatLife Golf Course,
  • Kelly Point Second Addition,
  • South Main Addition,
  • And Cresswood Estates.

New (and relocating) businesses

Here are a few new businesses to watch for:

  • Creekside Meats: The new meat locker is expected to open in August near the Hartford Area Fire & Rescue building east of Western Avenue.
  • Vanilla Bean Kings: This downtown business specializing in vanilla beans, vanilla extract and other related products is relocating to the west side of Western Avenue, Farr said.
  • Distillery: A new distillery is also in the works for downtown Hartford, Fonkert said. Specific details still to come.