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Simplified: If you're feeling tired, having trouble getting comfortable in bed or are unable to sleep through the night, your mattress might be the problem. The folks at Mattress Firm have a system to help find the right mattress for you (and they shared some tips ahead of their big Black Friday sale).

Why it matters

  • Sleep is a biological need just like eating or drinking. If you're not getting good sleep, it's going to affect your mood and your memory, said Paul Hollister, co-owner and managing partner of Mattress Firm in South Dakota and Northwest Iowa
  • Mattress Firm is a growing business in the Sioux Falls region, and its team members focus on sleep education and research to help you find exactly the right mattress for you. They've got three locations in Sioux Falls, one in Mitchell, one in Sioux City and a brand new location in Watertown.
  • Most mattresses will last at least last eight years, Hollister said, but over time your body and needs change. Your needs today are probably different than they were eight years ago. If you wake up with aches and pains, it's probably a sign to think about a new mattress
"We can really narrow down which technology and which comfort level are right for you," Hollister said.

What to know before you shop

Mattress shopping can feel overwhelming.

  • There are tons of options online, lots of different mattress technologies, and you'll run into companies who tell you they've got the one mattress that's perfect for everybody.

Mattress Firm has a three-step process to help you narrow down your needs and fit within your budget.

  • They'll start by asking you about your comfort – soft, medium, firm – and ask questions to help guide you to everything from the right mattress to the right pillows, sheets and mattress protectors.
"People will come in saying they want ultra soft or ultra firm, and we can tell them, 'Here's what history has told us about people who answered these questions like this,'" Hollister said. "We try to help show options based on our experience. We’re not trying to steer anybody."

How your purchase can help those in need

With purchases of certain mattresses, Mattress Firm donates a brand new mattress to people in need in our community.

The company has already donated 262 mattresses as part of this effort – called Β the YuMe Project. Hollister works with the Furniture Mission to help these new mattresses find a good home.

How to connect with Mattress Firm – and take advantage of Black Friday deals

You can find the nearest location to you on the Mattress Firm website, which also has details on Black Friday deals.

The big thing to know about upcoming holiday sales? This is a time when mattress vendors allow for deeper discounts than any other time of year.