This is a paid piece from the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

Simplified: The City of Brandon recently adopted its budget for 2022 with a focus on road improvements, infrastructure and economic development. Here's a closer look.

Why it matters

  • Brandon is growing faster than city officials predicted, and as more people come to town, the city is working to keep up with construction projects.
  • A planned sewer expansion will also connect 500 more acres on the west side – including 100 acres slated for an industrial park under developer Hegg Construction.
  • The city government is also adding three new staff positions to keep up with the increased need for help in the finance office, and engineering and public works departments.
  • Brandon is also hoping to fill an economic development position soon, which would help bring more people and businesses to town. The position would also encompass work in planning and zoning.
"The staffing is definitely needed in trying to keep up with growth, trying to get ahead," Brandon Finance Officer Christina Smith said. "The numbers from the (2020) census were more than what we had anticipated."

What's included in the budget?

Lots of stuff. It's a budget for a whole city for a whole year.

Here's a look at some of the big-ticket items:

  • Brandon is spending about $6 million total on a new water tower, which is expected to be completed in 2022.
  • The city is also expanding its water treatment plant in a project expected to cost anywhere between $13 million and $24 million.
  • Two main areas of town will also see complete street reconstruction: the core of town including Main Avenue and streets between Main and Splitrock Boulevard, and the Rushmore area east of Splitrock Boulevard near the Pizza Ranch.
  • Golf course and park improvements are also included in the budget. The golf course sustained damage during 2019 flooding, and $1 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency funds will cover repairs to the course and some parks that were damaged.

What happens next?

The budget fully takes effect later this month, and it'll be implemented starting in 2022.

Some of the capital projects – like the water tower and some street construction projects – are already underway.

With the industrial park, Smith said next steps will also likely include an application from developer Hegg Construction for tax-increment financing.