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Simplified: Life is too short to spend time each month miserable. Enter Selah Space's Menstrual Mystics program – designed to help you lean in to your body's natural rhythms, align with your cycle and learn from the pros how to create space for yourself and your own female wellness.

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The six-month online experience (starting in January) will teach you about your body's wisdom, encourage healing and celebrate alignment with your cycle.

Why it matters

  • Women aren't taught enough about their bodies – especially as young girls. Selah Space Founder Jada Dobesh said she wants women to learn everything they should've been taught in middle school.
  • The Menstrual Mystics program takes a spiritual approach to wellness and offers space for women to connect with themselves and their cycles on a deeper level.
  • The program also features a slate of guest speakers from pelvic floor professionals to nutritionists to hormone health experts.
"Your cycle has a direct impact on every system in your body," Dobesh said.

What's included in the program?

Participants will have access to two one-hour virtual calls each month, as well as access to a private Facebook community.

The first 25 people to sign up will also receive a free Selah Cycle Bundle, a set of oils designed to fit with each stage of the menstrual cycle.

The total cost over six months is $600, and participants can pay all at once or over a monthly payment plan.

How do I learn more?

You can find all of the details on the Selah Space website, including information on payment plans.

The registration deadline is Jan. 2, 2023.