Happy Thursday! Megan here.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding it hard to believe that this year is nearing its end. 2022 went by fast, and I can’t believe how much Sioux Falls Simplified has grown in the last year (hello, we’re reaching more than 5,500 of you now 👋).

Today we’re launching our holiday membership campaign. Over the coming weeks I’ll be reflecting with our readers on all we’ve accomplished this year and asking you to invest in our shared future.

As an independent local news outlet, reader support is critical. Truly —the more than 130 recurring supporters who have our back are helping ensure this news outlet is here to stay.

I have big plans for Sioux Falls Simplified in 2023, but I need your support to make them a reality. With that in mind, would you consider supporting us today?

By choosing to support us today, you’re investing in locally owned journalism and helping our community feel smarter about where they live.

Thank you,

Megan Raposa
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P.S. If you become a member at the "reeeeeally good friend" level this month, we’ll send you a special, limited edition tote bag.